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As teacher, author, and advocate, Penny Kittle
is dedicated to helping students and teachers develop a passion for reading and writing.

My Story


Penny Kittle teaches writing at Plymouth State University. She taught in public schools for 34 years and learned two essential things: all students will build independent reading lives of joy, curiosity, and hunger when given agency; and teachers who write with their students generate community and creative power. Penny works beside teachers and leaders across the world to empower young readers and writers. She is the author of nine books and was a featured columnist for Voices from the Middle. Penny is the Chairman of the Board of the Book Love Foundation, which annually grants classroom libraries to teachers throughout North America. The Book Love Foundation believes a love of reading is built on engagement, equity, and the power of classroom teachers.


In 2012, Penny and her husband founded the Book Love Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit foundation with one goal: to put books in the hands of all students. The Book Love Foundation believes that every child in America needs access to books that will keep them turning the pages, racing to the end, discovering new ideas and learning to understand the diversity in our world. We believe all children deserve books they can and will want to read and teachers that will guide them to improve as readers.

In the last 11 years, we have raised over $1M and given 100% of donations to teachers across North America. We have funded more than 450 libraries and supported the professional learning of hundreds and hundreds of teachers through our summer professional learning. 

In 2023 the Book Love Foundation was given a Literacy Award from the Library of Congress for its effective implementation of successful practices in literacy and reading promotion. 

Our vision is to change the story of reading. Every child. Every year. Every classroom.

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